Community workshop in Mukuru – Jan 15-18 2018

A workshop with researchers, practitioners and community members from Mukuru will take place in the Ruben Community Centre in Nairobi, from January 15 to 18 2018

The workshop aims are to

  • learn more about each other and local context
  • develop a common language among all project partners
  • develop work plan and co-design four mini-projects related to air pollution awareness raising

First blog post

We had our (electronic) inception meeting on October 17th with attendance of 19 project partners. All project partners introduced themselves, learned about the recent air pollution challenges and socio-economic context in Nairobi, discussed the general aims of and suggested approaches for the work proposed for the AIR Network until March 2019 and started planning the workshop to be held in Nairobi on January 15-19 2018. The main aim of this workshop will be to define the scope of four mini-projects that will explore the relationships between art, culture and environmental health and gain insight from the tangible and intangible cultural heritage and beliefs and practices already in place. In exploring these relationships, the team hopes to develop relevant and meaningful background and baseline data which can then be used in the creation and implementation of sustainable solutions to air pollution abatement and avoidance. We will reflect on the efficacy of these activities through reflection diaries and will feed these ideas forward into future grant applications.